Our Inspiration

Mr. Mulchand Lalwani

Late Mr. Mulchand Lalwani was fondly referred to as “Mann” by his friends and is still lovingly remembered as “Baba” by the Mann family. He is not only at the heart of the center’s name and cause, but is the one who will be eternally viewed as both, the Father as well as the strongest pillar of Mann – Center for Individuals with Special Needs. Long before the formal inception of the center, back when this initiative was a mere concept and a “struggling attempt to do some good”, Baba ceaselessly provided his support and guidance in whichever form was the need of the hour. In helping Mann survive through its most challenging days, Baba set a strong foundation for an initiative which, today, nurtures the holistic development of an ever-growing body of special adults, with no looking back! Baba’s was a life of service, manifested in both – the hospitality he offered in his hotel business as well as the altruism he, so lovingly, showered on the Mann center – an ideal we forever seek to imbibe.


Mr. Lachmandas Ludhani

Mentor Trustee

Mann’s first Mentor Trustee also happens to be Director of the prestigious company, Evershine Builders Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Ludhani is the one who breathed life into Mann, by allowing it to find a permanent home in The Wellness Center at Sita Sindhu Bhavan in Mumbai. Mann’s beloved “Nanaji”, as he is known, has been cherished ever since he stepped foot into the center not only for his generous physical contributions, but equally for his incomparably wise guidance and support. Known to be the “Man with the Midas Touch”, he cannot help but ensure perfection, beauty and service in all of his ventures alike.

Mrs. Vidhi Khubchandani

Mentor Trustee

Being dedicated to social causes across the globe, she started her journey back in 2007 when she founded “YOU – Your Own Understanding”, an initiative based in Dubai with the simple idea of facilitating children and young adults’ understanding of their own selves in order to help them realize their personal goals and in turn to “pay it forward” to society. Mrs. Khubchandani, on coming across Mann, took no time to make it her own and ever since has become an “international face of Mann”, spreading awareness about it across Dubai and beyond. The best part is that her generous contributions to the center are inevitably laced with endless love!

Mr. Arvind B. Singh


Mr. Arvind B. Singh, a well-known Chartered Accountant of Arvind B. Singh and Company and a managing trustee at Gaondevi Temple Trust, has a serendipitous relationship with Mann. He was the one who placed the foundation stone for the Trust by registering Mann under the The Public Trust Act, followed by his role in providing us with the space for The Employment Cell at Gaondevi Temple, Santacruz
This literally facilitated the “initiative of Employing Adults with special needs ” to come alive into being perceptible. It is truly a task to fit a description of his vision, achievements and contributions to society in a concise space, which is why Mann remains ever humbled and honoured to be able to liberate special lives with the knowledge that it has Mr.Singh’s endless support.


Gautam Lalwani

Head of Finance

Hailing from a joint family of hoteliers, Gautam had his life all planned out – Bachelor’s and Masters degrees in Commerce followed by dedicatedly putting all of his entrepreneurship skills to use in the hotel business. However, after just casually visiting one of the weekend hobby classes being held at the time for special adults by Dilshad, Geetu and Beverly, he fell in love and immediately signed up for a lifetime of supporting their cause. As they came to forming “Mann” (as we know it), Gautam naturally took on the “most practical” role of managing the Finance, while earnestly performing any other task(s) he finds possible.

Dilshad Mehershahi

Head of Education and Training

Originally a Commerce graduate, Dilshad was quick to switch into the Special Education field and went on to complete her Diploma, Bachelor’s and Masters level training in the subject. Dilshad’s passionate and nurturing personality essentially reflects in all that she does – be it teaching special adults, indulging in a session of arts and craft, raising her son or even heartily enjoying her meal! When this is coupled with her natural ability to take charge, Dilshad becomes the perfect candidate to head Mann’s Education and Training program whereby she constantly updates and monitors the syllabi prepared for the students while also making sure that the Wellness Center is always running smoothly.

Geetanjali Gaur

Head of Administration

Lovingly known as Geetu, this Arts graduate has a Diploma in Special Education along with a Certificate for specialized studies in Learning Disabilities and Autism. Despite the fact that Geetu is Mann’s official administrative head, her easy approachability and friendly nature has famously made her the go-to person at the center for almost anything under the sun. Be it an achievement or a problem, Geetu would share them both with you…but only after completing her work first!

Beverly Louis

Head of Communications

Beverly, who is recognized to be “the encyclopedia of Mann”, too, started off with a BA degree and then received her Diploma, Bachelor’s and Masters degrees in Special Education. Her overflowing passion, meticulous nature and constantly agile body language all align with one another to make her the most efficient worker of the center and undoubtedly the ideal person to head Mann’s Communications. Her closeness with and deep knowledge of every single student at Mann drives her to secure the best for them through her management of the Employment Cell and through her effort in building Mann’s social presence in the world.


Larissa Dsouza

Adademic Trainer

Larissa D’souza has completed her Diploma and B.Ed. (Special Education). She has an experience in teaching for over 6 years as a Special Educator. She has worked for various schools in Goa with children aged between 12 to 15 years. Her duties involve planning lessons, reviewing, implementing new learning techniques and collaborating with parents, counsellors, therapists regarding child’s academic progress and behavior.

Mansi Mehta

Academic Trainer

Mansi Mehta has completed her B.A. in Home Science from S.V.T University followed by B.Ed. in Special Education (Intellectually Disabled) from The S.N.D.T Women’s University. After which she worked as a class teacher for 4.5 years with students aged between 6 – 12 years

Suman Sharma

Academic Trainer

Suman Sharma has completed her Diploma in Special Education – Intellectual Disability. She has 9 years of teaching experience with students between the age group of 6 – 28 years. She has worked for various schools as a special educator, sports trainer as well as a classroom teacher in the vocational section.

Snehal Bamane

Academic Trainer

Snehal Bamane has completed his Diploma in Special Education – Intellectual Disability. He has 6 years of teaching experience with students between the age group of 8 years – 18 years. He has worked as an Academic and Vocational trainer, on one to one and group basis, respectively. His duties involved curriculum development and reviewing, implementing new learning techniques.

Vinita Darira

Academic Trainer

Vinita Darira is a Commerce graduate and has completed her B.Ed in Special Education – Intellectual Disability, from SNDT College, Juhu. She has two years of teaching experience, as a Special Educator. She has worked for various schools in Mumbai with children aged between 5 to 18 years. Her duties involved planning lessons, organizing field trips/projects, and collaborating with parents, counselors and therapists regarding child’s academic progress and behaviour.