Why should you employ a special adult?

Among the various reasons are:

  • Adults with special needs are dependable employees who are more likely to stay on the job.
  • To tap an unexplored resource house of skill and talent.
  • To strengthen the quality of teamwork within your workplace/organization.
  • To contribute towards building a more inclusive community.
What tasks can a special adult perform?

We, at Mann, train and prepare our students for tasks* extremely specific to the nature of the employer’s workplace and requirement.

Examples of typical tasks that special adults can perform efficiently are:

  • Working at copy centres or performing clerical tasks
  • Working at packing facilities
  • Product assembly
  • Cleaning and cutting in the kitchen
  • Working with arts and crafts material
  • Classroom aides

* The list of tasks will be pre-decided and agreed upon by both the employer and the Mann student along with his/her representative.

Who should (especially) employ a special adult?

Firstly, it certainly does take an empathetic individual/organization to hire an individual with special needs, who is willing and enthusiastic to consider their part in helping the special adult earn an income for his/her family, and in making a special adult independent on the whole.

Moreover, the kind of contribution to a workplace that a student of Mann is well-equipped to provide may be availed of greatly by those in the need of operational duties to be performed. Local stores and small businesses, for instance, may find a special adult extremely helpful in carrying out tasks such as folding boxes, putting labels and even in building up the general morale and spirit of a workplace!

When should you employ a special adult?

With respect to the employer/business, a special adult may be employed anytime after the work process has, more or less, been defined and when there are quantifiable tasks identified to be given to a special individual.

On the other hand, a student of Mann is usually deemed “ready to work” only if he/she fits into a relatively mild category of disability and only once he/she has undergone a certain period of generalized vocational training.

Where should you employ a special adult?

The Employment Cell, which is always striving to create employment opportunities for teenagers and adults studying at Mann, may be approached directly for this purpose. They may be reached via email on info@mann.org.in and via phone on +91 9819927194.

How should you employ a special adult?

Once the Employment Cell has been contacted, it creates a partnership between local businesses/employers and the Mann family. Next, the vocational services offered by the students of Mann may be put to use in one of the following ways:

  • By directly employing the student(s) at a shop/office/restaurant etc. wherein task-specific training will be given to the students by the Mann trainers.
  • By giving orders to the Employment Cell for manufacturing products from the “Mann-Made” line as well as for other made-to-order products on request.


Arif has been a pleasure to work with and has done brilliantly working with the whole team. A good addition to our team, he is jovial, helpful and always willing to learn. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that he needed any special treatment, he is as good as the rest of the guys on the team and they all have bonded well with Arif. Thank you for making Arif a part of our team!!

It has been a pleasure working with Darren! Darren has a very cheerful disposition and is easy to get along with. He has adapted very well to the Atma environment. Though initially he needed quite a bit of support, guidance and patience through the learning process, he now accomplishes all his daily tasks in a very structured and systematic manner. He asks a lot of questions and has been making an effort to learn the names of not only the staff members, but also of the volunteers. Having him in our midst has made us more sensitive and patient. We are thankful that Darren and his family chose Atma as his employer. We also thank Mann for making this possible.

Priyank is in charge of the biscuits and dry snack section at Beauty Stores a general store in Santacruz. He arranges the shelves as per the dates on each item. He offers to help without being asked. He follows all the instructions given to him. We are very happy to have him as a part of our team.

Harshal started with Magazine street Kitchen on the 4th of December 2017. He has come a long way and has now started doing all the duties that our utility staff do. Its been a learning for both, harshal and us. He was quite timid and confused at first, but his will to learn and “can do” attitude is commendable. Very rarely do you meet individuals who have such eagerness for a job that’s usually looked down upon. Harshal is an asset to the company and is only getting better with time. I encourage people to support the MANN foundation by hiring the kids training with them, and give them the opportunity to feel self empowered.

Sachin is a punctual diligent worker. He is a fast learner. Other than an occasional reminder he is very thorough with following a process. He is particular about washing his hands before and after work. This is very much appreciated in the food preparation line. While h appears shy at first, he opens up and is willing to answer any questions you have for him.

During Deepak’s time working at Society Stores hes was very regular, hardworking and punctual. He has good ability to follow instructions and to work under pressure. It has been a pleasure working with him.

All the staff at Cafe Zoe consider themselves fortunate to work with Jabir. He is like a family member and the best thing that he never lies. We give him work as per his skill set, and we have seen an increase in the skills that he had when he first came in. He makes sure to always ask permission to go for his lunch or other breaks. Now that he travels to work independently he also calls me every morning when he reaches work. These small things make me very happy.

Recruiting Tausif and Adil did not involve any apprehensions. They’re amazing, friendly, enthusiastic, responsible and precise with their work”. They do not like skipping work for any reason and have not only befriended the rest of the team, but also most of the members of the Ministry of New community. The Mumbai downpours, last year, could not dampen their spirits. Just like the rest of Mumbai that was confined to their office premises due to the lack of alternatives to travel home, Tausif and Adil too stayed back till midnight. However, they did not spend their time cribbing about the incessant downpour, instead they spent their time playing Jenga and other board games not only with the team but with the community too.

I’m very grateful to have discovered Mann. I was eager to help and fulfill my need for a good employee but at the same time was a bit apprehensive. I’ve never dealt with a person with Special Needs before and Sachin is special.l After a week of working with Sachin, my fears disappeared and I enjoyed interacting.Its been 3 months now and I see a lot of progress in him. He is well aware of the process which involves cleaning, packing and labeling of i2cook products. He now does this with very little supervision. One day I want Sachin to be an independent person. … today he works at @the.orange.bowl and is more than independent and is a big support to his family.