Mann - Center for Individuals with Special Needs is a registered Charitable Trust.

The Mann family is dedicated towards the education and growth of children and adults with Special Needs like those with Mental Retardation, Autism, Down's Syndrome, Multiple Disabilities, Slow Learners and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.

At Mann we provide functional training and need based programs for each individual so they may live as independently as possible.

About Us

Our Center caters to individuals having disabilities from age 6 and above. We have registered ourselves as a Charitable Trust and are operating from SitaSindhuBhavan: Ram Panjwani Charitable Trust, Santacruz [E].

The core team comprises of four: Mrs.Dilshad Mehershahi, Ms.Geetanjali Parmar, Ms. Beverly Louis and Mr.Gautam Lalwani.

Upcoming Events

12th November Childrens Day Celebration

Visit to Parle Biscuit Factory

Movie at a Theatre

Contact Us

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Dilshad Mehershahi

Beverly Louis

Geetanjali Parmar